The Christmas Mouse

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house,

a creature was stirring, it was that damn mouse.

Just look on the floor, the jelly and jam,

Oh no, he ate all our sliced Smithfield ham.

Next thing you know he’ll climb into our laps.

Well not if I set all these super big traps.

Now, one for the kitchen and one for the hall,

And one for the closet, I’m having a ball.

She said: “Maybe you’re just a little too cruel.

You’re not really following the good Golden Rule.”

And I said: “You may think I’m a little uncouth,

But an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

We’ve nothing short of a full-scale invasion.

The traps are fitting for such an occasion.

Just go to bed, honey, I’ll take it from here.”

But second thoughts soon rang in my ear.

An alternate approach perhaps was required.

Though now I was feeling a little bit tired.

I’ll just have to rest ’til I’m rightly inspired

I locked all the doors and promptly retired.

No sugar plum fairies, just wrestling all night.

I must get some sleep before it is light.

There must be an answer, I don’t want to harm it,

So what must I do to stop this vile varmint?

I’ll just take a small drink to clear out my head.

The house was still dark as I climbed out of bed.

No sooner than when my feet hit the ground.

I suddenly heard a most startling sound.

My word, what caused such a terrible whack?

I thought for a moment: “we’re under attack.”

Then smelling a strong smell I could not ignore.

Did someone drop sharp cheddar cheese on the floor?

I must confess I was still in the dark,

Then suddenly my brain just started to spark.

I remembered that timely and terrible list

When I was a kid and things were remiss.

He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice,

Bad behavior comes at a perilous price.

I used to think it was just a big joke.

But now it looks as if something did croak.

The pieces were coming together at last.

When I saw it I was simply aghast

For there it was as big as can be,

That malignant mouse lay under the tree.

I knew in a moment I had nothing to fear.

That sneaky old man in the red suit was near.


The Perfect Gift

The perfect gift from God above,

unfailing and abiding love,

shines down for all the world to see,

And moves to tears the likes of me.

Who can I match his generous giving?

I struggle just to make a living.

Then I recalled he gave his life,

To lift me from a world of strife.

Each new day’s a gift to live,

a day to live, and a day to give.

The better gift, the gift of giving

leads us on to selfless living.

So I began to hear his word,

but other voices were also heard.

Then waiting silently for a while,

I thought I saw his loving smile.

You’re not walking on your own.

I’m here and you are not alone.

Just stay so closely by my side

and I will teach you to abide.

The raging storms and darkest nights,

of sorting all the wrongs from rights.

Just follow me in steps of love

and we will live a life above

all faithless fears and careless pleasure,

In peace and joy that has no measure.

I have abandoned myself for you

The old has passed. All things are new.


Growing Young

Life should be bold,

Let go of the old.

Your life is not through.

Embrace all that is new.

You won’t lose the past.

Your memories will last.

You’ve now come of age?

No! Just turn the page.

Forget the “some how”

shoving “past” into now.

They’re ups and there’s down

Like does turn around.

But joy’s up ahead.

There’s nothing to dread.

Learn from the past,

cause nothing will last,

just life from above.

that’s flowing with love.

Let this be your vow

the future is now.

81st Birthday

Four score and one, my life had begun

a wonderful day, my life was all play

One score and five, became more alive.

Met a smart girl, twas a whole brand new world

Married that beauty, then did my duty

Became a nre Dad, it wasn’t so bad,

Pooh Bear and twins, a new life begins

And before we were done, came number one son.

Our daughters so grand, were part of his plan:

First the stellar, Ruby Carmela,

then Lily the artist, one of the smartest.

Funky and fine, they’re on of a kind.

Time’s moved along, so much of it gone

Tis fun looking back, that sinuous track.

But some of it all, I do not recall.

Though this much I know, it hasn’t been slow.

The day and the night, they come in great flight.

I must slow it down and turn it around.

It’s been a great thrill, but time won’t stand still.

So I’ll settle far days, and bask in the rays.

and from the sun room I’ll watch flowers bloom.

I’ll think up a rhyme to just pass the time,

and listen to Bach, and maybe some rock.

some jazz and some blues, and take a short snooze,

and if you’ll excuse, a jigger of booze.

Please do come ’round when not on the town,

and stay for a day, we’re not for away.

Or stay for a night, when the temperature’s right.

or just a short while, to show me your smile.

Cause you are the best, but now I must rest,

for Autumn is hear, and I’ve a new year.

The Falling Leaves

I love the season of the Fall,

their temperatures are crisp and cool.

The colored leaves begin to fall

but right into the swimming pool.

I see they like the outside lane.

I’ll just catch them in my net

but some dove down into the drain.

They saw me coming, wanna bet?

So I’ve got to use the hose

and rig it up to suck them out.

They’re crawling, you don’t suppose,

To get away, there is no doubt.

I heard the pump, it breathes a sigh.

It does not like those stuffy leaves,

Your rotor blades aren’t gonna die,

so do your duty, if you please.

Now I’ve got to clean the basket

back-flush the pump before it chokes.

Why not close the pool, don’t ask it?

I’ll tell you bout some other folks.

The algae likes to lurk, come-on,

just looking for a place to hide.

before we put the cover on.

those cooler nights it can’t abide.

To justify all my hard work,

I ask each guest to take a dip.

They think I have some sort of quirk,

but one kid sank up to his hip.

He quickly climbed up on the ladder.

He seemed OK, his eyes still blue.

I asked him what might be the matter.

He smiled, his lips a likewise hue.

I love the falling leaves of Fall

Their different colors are so cool;

They’re welcome on our ground to sprawl

I just don’t like them in the pool.

The Self-giving Love

He began to see a universe,

with forms of life in time and space.

Speaking visions verse by verse

and bringing forth a brand new race.


What was the verse God spoke so grand,

who gave us life and all our being?

He was the very Son of Man,

all knowing and all seeing.


He also was the Son of God,

bursting forth with power and love,

whose Spirt swept the sea and sod,

and formed the swirling stars above.


Before all time his love was set.

He bound himself to all he spake.

He gave his all with no regret,

not for himself but for our sake


The One who spoke, gave us a voice

that we might also use our tongue,

that we might have the gift of choice,

even while the earth was young.


The serpent lifting self on high,

declared his place above the Son.

Then fell like lightning from the sky.

His hate brought death, but love has won.


That we might choose a fallen one

was to the Father no surprise.

For when all life had just begun.

the One all knowing and all wise,


did set a corner stone of love

which cannot fail or fall away.

As surely as the heavens above

the power of love could n’er decay.


By choosing life without God’s plan

we birthed the dying days of time.

What have we done o wretched man

to lose a vision so sublime?


The Father is both love and just,

The wages of our sin is death.

He gave us life but lost our trust.

We tried to live without his breath..

Apart from God all life’s a lie,

we cannot live without his breath.

When on this path we daily die,

 awaiting for our final death.

Our God is always breathing out.

We must inhale his life and strength,

dispelling all our fear and doubt.

His gracious mercy has no length.

So God required a spotless lamb,

the price for our rebellious sin.

A Holy God, the great I AM.

who paved the way for sin to end.


Sin restricts our time and space,

breaks down the fabric of all life,

and would destroy the human race

unless God ended all this strife.


The Son of God was Son of Man

to live and breathe like one of us.

He set in stone a Holy plan.

His loving arms became our truss.


He took on flesh, the flesh he made,

to show us how we are to live,

and even though we all have strayed,

 within his flesh God could forgive.


The Son of God came to his own,

The ones he fashioned by his word,

but for many he was unknown,

his loving message never heard.


Though in his image, we were made,

which reflects the very heart of God.

Yet from that image we have strayed,

 while hiding from his staff and rod.


But God redeemed this wayward path

by coming down on bended knee.

to satisfy his pain and wrath

and help us hear his loving plea.

The Son of God and Son of Man

would finish all the Law required.

He came to be the spotless lamb.

the price of sin had now expired.


From wrath, God gave us our reprieve

his blood was poured upon the tree.

And if we’re willing to believe,

our hearts and minds can be set free.


If we are willing to embrace

the cornerstone which God had laid,

and know that he did take our place,

the very day our lives were made,


we may then have a new beginning.

one that’s based on truth and love.

There is no need to go on sinning.

for strength has come from God above.


Seeing through the eyes of God

the One who creates all things new new.

all other views are vastly flawed.

They may seem real, but are not true.

By his stripes you are made whole.

Disease and sickness cannot stand

for there is healing for your soul,

purchased the Son of Man.

We walk by faith and not by sight,

ahead we see a glorious day.

From the darkness to the light,

allowing Christ to lead the way.

In this world, not of this world,

the cares of life now are no more

for they have all been soundly furled.

In his wounds he gladly bore.


What is truth a man did ask

not knowing who was standing there.

But why should we be so downcast.

and all alone without a prayer?

The Son removed those sinful weights

when he did drink that deadly cup

Lift up your heads now, O ye gates

and be ye ever lifted up.


The King of Glory shall come in.

The One who is so high above

whose glory has for ever been?

He is eternal life and love.


The One who sees with loving eyes,

who’s on our lips and dwells within,

the One who’s ever good and wise,

whose truth and light have always been.


Through the blood of his own Son.

the final victory has been won.

A brand new life has now begun

and this is true for everyone


For love chose sacrifice and pain

against the tempter and his sword.

that we might find our lives again

as written in God’s Holy Word.


Though we must give ourselves in love

as did the Father from his heart,

and then his Spirit like a dove

will fall on us and ne’er depart.


That day is near and not far off.

In fact its hear for all to claim.

We’re not defeated nor cutoff,

our victory’s in his glorious name.


Every knee will bow and tongue confess

that he who rose is Lord of all.

The One who came to love and bless

now seeks us by his upward call.

Now we’re in a brand new day.

The lies are gone. His Word is true.

Behold, the old has passed away.

God now declares all things are new.

All things are new for even God

he’s joined our world in sacred trust.

His Son will soon stand on our sod.

Yes, he is Emmanuel, God with us.

Veterans Day

We honor those who on this day

who came back safely from the war.

Who can know the things that weigh

upon them now and what they bore?

They gave no less that those who died

because they risked their lives as well.

yet they may find they still abide

On hostile ground when those who claim

They did not serve a noble cause,

though they were brave and gave it all,

And then to taste a bitter gall,

with battle scars, and no applause.

Let us remember those who cared

enough to enter in harm’s way.

And by his grace their lives were spared.

that we might honor them this day.







75 Years Young


and so alive

so many years

of joy and tears

as I recall

the thrill and all

I am so blessed

to win the best

both brains and beauty

and never snooty

like you know who.

I started out on rocky ground,

for we were bound for Gloucester town,

all afloat on my Dad’s boat

I said to wear your tennis shoes

and thus impaired our maiden cruise.

That second date

one more mistake.

But then the swim at New Point Light

gave hope that things may be alright.

Mabry’s Mill a Blue Ridge day.

and other sites along the way.

The Navy Homecoming football game.

my dread and fear I overcame.

I asked it she would marry me

before I went off on the sea.

You know she is so wonderfully wise,

God surely must have closed her eyes

if only for a little while,

so she could answer with a smile.

She answered with a simple yes.

Her lasting love and faithfulness

so strong and steady and so true,

Because of this I surely knew,

in the unfolding days ahead,

the beautiful girl that I thee wed

would steady me along the way.

And with each new and passing day

she’d open my eyes on how to live,

and how to love and how to give.

Our two day honeymoon

simply ended far to soon!

It’s true the Navy did us wrong.

We met again in Old San Juan.

Any time with my brand new wife

has been so precious all my life.

While serving over in Vietnam

This lovely girl became a mom.

Back in the states

a girl awaits

to meet her dad

and I was had

by Lynny-poo

so fresh and new.

And as we grew

I finally knew

life was so sweet

all was complete.

Except a shock

and they did rock

those cute twin girls

our brand new worlds.

Grandma’s did quake

the news did shake,

but quickly they

did celebrate.

Life moved on through sun and storm

but Mom was always wise and warm.

The many places we have been:

The famous Robert Morris Inn

The Chalfonte Inn in old Cape May,

 That Southern cook just made our day.

The Ilikai was quite a place.

in time of war, a time of grace.

Playing on the sandy beach,

we carved a little time of peace.

And Oh those Rio days and nights,

and all those gastronomic heights.

She crab soup in Charleston Town

the Marketplace of great renown.

Chateaubriand was served for two,

Mills Hyatt House the place to do.

The Rive Gauche where French food soared

that special dinner we just adored.

At Hamberger Hamlet I got my fix.

zucchini zircles and lobster bisque,

but my sweet bride was oh so ardent

for that big and juicy state department.

Time could be tough, but time moved on

and suddenly a brand new dawn.

brought forth to us both shock and joy

that long awaited baby boy.

The girls surrounded him with love

as is their way by help above.

Those daughters grand grow up so fast,

but they are not the least bit last.

Bright beauties of charm and craft,

we love to watch you smile and laugh.

Today we gather in this place

to thank our God for time and space.

to know the one who blessed our life,

that beautiful Mom, my loving wife.

We celebrate her strength and love

and as we do thank our God above,

who gave us so much life to live,

it’s now our time to thank and give

the one who made our lives so dear

we raise our glasses with a cheer

to mom and grandma let us say

you are the best, hip hip hurray

To my young bride.

God’s grace abide.

Seventy-five years, so fresh and young

those great new days have just begun.














Happy 20th Birthday

Twenty is a magic age

when dreams begin to bloom

as life begins a brand new page

with many gifts to groom.

But goals help move one down the road

to seize the days ahead

for one whose healthy seeds were sowed

there’s little to be dread.

So follow on a righteous path

where God will lead the way

and pause go take a soothing bath

in his great love each day.

Our prayers are with our super girl

with talent and great charm.

As you explore a brand new world

there’s no need for alarm.

You’ll climb the soaring mountain height

and soar on eagle’s wings

always doing what is right

For hope eternal springs,

despite the momentary pain,

a joy that settles in to stay

Even with with some tears of rain

you’re on the King’ highway.

So all the best of life to you

may God most surely bless

you’re on the way to something new.

a life and much success.





That Blooming Hibiscus

It’s trying to trick us

that blooming Hibiscus.

it puts forth a bloom

then starts to deplume.

It blooms in a day

then all fades away,

and when it is gone

two more come along.

So I’m not all that sad

and I will not be had.

That blooming Hibiscus

is just up to mischief.


By Bolling Bryant Posted in poetry

The Webber

Well did you ever

do cooking on a Webber?

I have this little whimsy

of firing up the chimney.

That’s how I like to stoke.

The charcoal’s blowing smoke

Getting the grate so hot

to burn off every spot.

of leftover grease and soot.

It all just goes caput.

See that temperature climb,

getting ready for the prime.

No, not this time?

Well that is just a crime.

We’re having oysters instead?

I’ll fire the coals brick red

That’ll make those shells just dread

they stopped inside my grill.

It’s just so much a thrill

to see them open wide.

with no place to hide.

I really hate to shuck.

Those ones that just seem stuck.

I’m simply out of luck

when every thing’s amuck.

But my Webber is on the scene,

That lean mean green machine.

No prisoners does it take.

And that is no mistake

this is not a drill.

It gives me such a thrill

when cooking on a grill.

but not the run of mill.

No, the one that’s better

the one and only Webber!

The Scallop


What’s more beautiful than a gallop

of a thoroughbred horse in a race?

Unless, of course, it’s a scallop

cooking on a Webber with grace,

which gives me so great of a wallop

and puts such a smile on my face.

It only takes a small dollop

of garlic and butter for taste,

when the level of heat is all up

and cooking is done by your ace.

Forsaken for a Moment

“Why have you forsaken me?

asked the One on Calvary

while hanging on a fearsome tree

hung high for all the world to see.

“If you’re the One then come on down,”

said a ruler with a frown,

as the dogs all circled around

and soldiers gambled for his gown.

The day grew darker by the hour,

as darkness sought to overpower,

they offered him a cup so sour,

staring on with ghastly glower.

How could the One be so maligned

by willful men so proud and blind,

who held a worldly state of mind

against the One for all mankind?

A place far from the public square,

he bore our sins and sickness there

and all our sorrow and despair,

while many still are unaware.

Who could turn such wrong to right?

Perhaps the One they chose to smite,

the One with eyes and heart so bright,

that changed the darkness into light.

In a fleeting time and space,

that law which never could erase

the sin, the shame, and great disgrace,

was transformed now to glorious grace.

When it seemed all hope was gone

and darkness swallowed up the dawn,

Unto us a child was borne

the punishment for our sins withdrawn.

The child grew up to soar and fly,

was lifted up and raised on high,

to rule the earth and sea and sky

that he our lives might dignify

For a time he was forsaken

that heaven and earth could both be shaken,

 our hearts and minds to fully waken.

to know that all our sins were taken.

Give him the praise and glory due.

He came to save both me and you.

His faithful word entirely true.

His blood hath made all things brand new.


I heard the bells toll up on high

and from their song I knew thereby,

a saint of God came home to stay,

and all that I could do was pray

and give my thanks to God above

for one who lived a life of love.

He served his church and family well,

whose faith and conduct did compel

our souls to rise and follow suit

that we might share his joyful fruit.

He was the youngest of them all,

but in the faith he stood so tall.

His smile could stir our hearts to sing

and turn the winter into Spring.

And on his gentle smiling face

reflected glory shown by grace,

a shining light so soft and bright

it pierced the darkness and the night.

He loved so much his lovely girls,

who are their mother’s string of pearls.

They smile his smile with shining eyes

whose beauty reaches to the skies.

Blessed with courage and with strength

and like their mom can go the length;

Our prayers are with these saints of God

and for their strength we do applaud.

The days ahead will bring new light.

They’ll come on holy wings despite

the pain and sorrow now we feel

but by God’s grace our hearts will heal.

And though there still be pain to bear,

our Lord Jesus has been there.

He will lead to pastures green,

that we may see great things unseen.

And we will know this sacred time

as a moment so sublime,

when we reflected on the man

the stoutly leader of the clan.

He is so held in high esteem

we miss you so beloved Eugene.



In the course of political skulduggery,

a Party resorts to treacherous thuggery,

with blatant acts of rebellious effrontery,

and accusations of political trumpery,

with little room for an expectant recovery,

please let me attempt a most salient summary,

that Party may make an unexpected discovery,

that their cause has lead to an unruly reality.

Why then did they put us through all of this drudgery?